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Senlima - Upgrading to Unity 5

With the release of Unity 5, we’ve finally access to proper lighting, previously only available in the Pro version. Here’s what the first level looked like with directional light:

With directional light

We’ve now been able to disable the directional light without which most of the level was much too dark and replace it by a light at the position of the player. You can see that it improves the contrast:

Without bloom filter

With Unity 5, we also gained access to camera filters, here’s the same level with a bloom filter:

With bloom filter

It makes the game much more dream-like, while keeping the framerate to 30 fps.

Senlima - UI Animation - Pause

Every game requires at least some user interface element, Senlima will not be different.

Want to pause the game to respond a phone call? You will need a pause screen.

We’re working on the various user interface element animations, but we can already show you our progress:

Senlima - Upcoming Game Preview

After our previous IOS game experiment Gnomath, we decided to go further and this time create a 3D game for both children and adults.

This time you’re playing a knight lost in a dangerous dungeon filled with traps, ghosts, and other enemies. Your journey will be filled with mazes and numerous loot to collect!

We’re thrilled to share with you some early screenshot. Be sure to click on the thumbnails to see the pictures in higher definition.

First level wireframe
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