Grimdark Future - Devlog - Grid
Sep 04

We started to work on a new grid with 6” tiles over a 3d terrain, allowing for a more realistic render while also making it easier to move entire units.

Another benefit to this approach compared to runtime procedural generation as we tried before is that we can enable global illumination even in Godot 3.

Godot 3 with heightmap and global illumination
Godot 3 with heightmap and global illumination from another point of view

Ambiance can be changed to look more mysterious by enabling fog and bloom.

Godot 3 with heightmap, global illumination, bloom and fog

After the terrain is sorted out, the next step is to show the cells. Godot 3 doesn’t have decals available by default, so we tried to use an existing third-party solution.

Decals in Godot 3

The main limitation is poor performances. Godot 4 will bring decals by default with not only better performance but also the ability to exclude some meshes from being drawn on.

Test of Godot 4 decals, allowing to exclude some meshes