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Merciless Brawl

We just released a new game: Merciless Brawl.

Reclaim your viking’s freedom by battling through a increasing number of foes in various action packed arenas.

Available on:

Grimdark Future - Devlog - Grid

We started to work on a new grid with 6” tiles over a 3d terrain, allowing for a more realistic render while also making it easier to move entire units.

Another benefit to this approach compared to runtime procedural generation as we tried before is that we can enable global illumination even in Godot 3.

Godot 3 with heightmap and global illumination

Grimdark Future - Devlog - Campaign level 1

Player versus AI, first the computer has placed all its units inside its deployment zone (blue) as can be seen on the minimap. Then it’s your turn to choose where to put your Captain and Prime Brothers inside your deployment zone (green). The computer then plays a turn, then it’s your turn to move.

Grimdark Future - Devlog - Map editor

Here you can see hexagonal tiles of various heights, using the editor we switch from one tile to another, if the tile elevation is too low the tile becomes underwater. It’s possible to randomly generate a new map too and save them to file.

Grimdark Future - Devlog - Army list builder

Here you can have a preview of the army list builder where you can select units and upgrades to build your own custom army. The meshes are placeholders from Mixamo and will be replaced down the line by assets where you can see all your options applied in real time.

Senlima Space Shooter

We’ve just released our new free game: Senlima Space Shooter.

Available on:

Senlima Knight - Upgrading to Unity 5

With the release of Unity 5, we’ve finally access to proper lighting, previously only available in the Pro version. Here’s what the first level looked like with directional light:

With directional light

Senlima Knight - Guiding trail

Let’s beat the dangerous ghosts…

Senlima Knight - Beware the wolves

Going down the stairs…

Senlima Knight - UI Animation - Pause

Every game requires at least some user interface element, Senlima will not be different.

Want to pause the game to respond a phone call? You will need a pause screen.

We’re working on the various user interface element animations, but we can already show you our progress:

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